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Juraj Mertus understands the soul of wood 

"... his fabulous sculptures with the theme ... it is not just some sort of naturalistic shortage of time, but to the point of view, which is based on myths. 

And myths are also seeds, which originally was true, the fact is hidden in the picture. Mertuš artistic creation has its value ...

Juraj Mertuš understands the soul of wood. "

Milan Rufus

"An artist who understands the soul of wood," it wrote about him once his friend and close to him man Milan Rufus. He talked it about Juraj Mertus and he was right. His works are really living and loving model of the author, because, as he says, "to his work as we enter what we carry in themselves." Art carver who has left in her thirties original profession and went on the uncertain path of an ancient craft, visited the Dunajska Luzná Lucia Carnecka. The relationship to the region, beginning their pilgrimage of life and says Juraj Mertus.

Lucia Carnecka, cp, 06 04. 2009, 11:00

Local patriot Juraj Mertuš

Juraj Mertus refers in his work on the rich heritage of Christian art. Fantasy carving master is how to include a decent artist, ended, of his mastery was slim Johnny Pea, but also works depicting the Holy Family.

Dasa Sebanova